During his thirty-nine years of practicing medicine, Dr. Larry Altshuler has noticed a troubling dichotomy in the world of American health care. While the scope and depth of medical knowledge has expanded exponentially, actual improvement in the overall health of patients and the delivery of services has not kept pace, and too many patients still suffer.


Drawing from his years of experience and expertise in preventive, alternative and conventional medical therapies, Dr. Altshuler guides American health care consumers through the dysfunctions of the system to help them obtain the best possible care from medical professionals. Doctor, Say What? empowers people to understand and navigate the health care delivery system in order to advocate for themselves or loved ones. He breaks down what works—and what doesn’t—to protect people from wasting their precious resources and suffering needlessly.


Doctor, Say What? offers straightforward and practical advice about how to navigate the world of medicine —hospitals, doctors’ offices, research, pharmaceuticals,  insurance and much more. By explaining how the pieces of the puzzle fit together and impact health care, Dr. Altshuler provides guidance on making the most beneficial choices and attaining the best possible health.


The first book, The Inside Scoop on Getting the Best Health Care (green book), explains how the U.S. health care system actually works—shining a light on both the practice and the business of medicine and explaining how and why the health care we receive is often based on non-medical entities whose primary focus is not on the consumer.


Th second book,The Guides: What Works and What Doesn’t - Step-by-Step Integrative Treatments for Over 90 Medical Conditions, (the blue book), is a unique guide that has never been available before. It informs patients of the most cost-effective therapies, many of which they may never be told about, for over ninety medical conditions that impact so many people, including cancer, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, back pain, acid reflux, colds/flus, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain and many more.


Because each Part refers to material in the other Part, it is recommended to purchase both Parts. However, you can purchase just one Part if you prefer.




                         IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:
To the reader: These books and website are intended to provide medical information for your reference only. It does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. It is not intended to replace the services of health care providers or be a substitute for any treatment prescribed by those providers. You should discuss this information with your medical provider(s) before undergoing diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition or issue or following advice or recommendations in this book. The author disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this book or website.





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